The Financial Future is Looking Holistic

Kinetic Financial, a concierge-based financial services company in Los Angeles, is combining holistic financial planning, red-carpet service and creatively customized tax, retirement and investment solutions under one roof. The goal: empower clients and businesses with the most dependable and comprehensive financial planning services in the country.

With 20 percent of Americans saving none or little of their annual income, according to CNBC, and more than 40 percent with less than $10,000 tucked away for retirement, according to GoBankingRates, there is a great need for a true concierge-style financial service that can better secure individuals' financial futures.

"For many people, the concept of financial planning can be a daunting one. We seek to alleviate that stress," says Ali Hashemian, president of Kinetic Financial. "Our distinguished financial advisors excel in harmonizing all areas of your financial portfolio for you. We make certain no element is forgotten or unaccounted for and that all arms are working in synergy with one another."

By specializing in "holistic financial planning," Kinetic Financial ensures coordination of all aspects of clients' portfolios. This includes tax planning, retirement planning, estate & legal planning, risk management & insurance solutions, mortgage & real estate solutions, corporate executive planning and business consulting. Furthermore, Kinetic Financial works exclusively with the most reputable and stable financial firms in the country to provide clients financial products they can depend on for a lifetime.

Kinetic Financial is also well known for the celebrity-caliber experience it provides to all clients. Clients benefit from consistent contact, including quarterly updates and fine-tuning of their portfolios, as well as the passionate, detailed and individualized attention desired (and deserved) when dealing with one's financial future.

"We believe the best financial advisors are not only highly knowledgeable but also intensely creative," says Hashemian. "At Kinetic Financial, each and every portfolio is analyzed independently and solutions are custom-tailored to fit each client's distinct needs. We then build portfolios using an unlimited number of options that leverage both traditional and out-of-the-box strategies to yield optimal results. It's actually a bit

of an art."

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